At Dr. Wright’s office, many of our patients are in need of dental implant replacement or full-mouth reconstruction due to subpar work from their previous dentists. Bad dental work can lead to a host of serious oral health issues, sometimes worse than the original problem that the dentist attempted to fix. Therefore, we’ve developed a particular knack for fixing bad dental work and helping patients regain their healthy smiles and confidence. Our focus is on boosting your long-term oral health as well as your smile’s natural, beautiful appearance. Therefore, we only utilize strong, biocompatible materials, such as titanium dental implant posts and high-quality dental porcelain for durable, lifelike restorations.


A defective dental crown, bridge, or denture can expose your teeth and oral tissues to further harm, including tooth loss, if it isn’t fixed as soon as possible. But one of the most common problems we see, especially among teenagers and young adults, is bad orthodontic treatment. When teeth are moved too quickly, their roots and the periodontal tissues and bone structure around them don’t have a chance to settle into their new positions. This means teeth may shift back out of alignment after orthodontic treatment is completed, or their roots may resorb into the jawbone, causing teeth to fall out.

Dr. Wright and our team have helped many patients when their orthodontic treatment has gone wrong, and can correct inadequate tooth realignment as well as replace lost teeth with lifelike dental implants. However, avoiding bad dental work in the first place is always preferable. If your dentist has recommended a path of orthodontic treatment for you or your child that you aren’t comfortable with, then seek a second opinion by visiting Dr. Wright. Call Just Wright Dental Surgery Center in Waxahachie, TX, today at (469) 732-1987.