How Dental Crowns Mimic Healthy, Natural Teeth


If you looked at your tooth under a microscope, then you’d see that the unique manner in which its enamel crystals are shaped makes them the most resilient substance your body produces. What you wouldn’t find, however, are regenerative cells that would allow your tooth to repair/regrow damaged structure, like bones and other body tissues. If your tooth is compromised, therefore, it’s up to you to consciously protect the tooth from further damage and infection. To that end, dental crowns can closely mimic healthy, natural teeth to provide custom restorations that help protect teeth from further damage.

The Details of Your Crown

Unfortunately, modern technology does not allow us to recreate the processes that stretch minerals into strong, protective tooth enamel, or that form your natural, healthy teeth. We do, however, possess the ability to accurately mimic the unique appearance of your natural teeth and the durability that allows them to bite and chew continuously. The idea of replicating a tooth that needs to be restored or replaced is not a new one. But, today’s porcelain dental crowns are specially tinted and layered to match your natural teeth’s color and light-reflecting abilities. These characteristics make modern dental crowns virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure around them.

A Complete Tooth Restoration

The most common reason for dental crowns is to cover and protect a tooth that has been significantly weakened by damage or severe decay. Since crowns are essentially replicas of your natural teeth, they can also serve as excellent tooth replacements. As innovative, attractive, and effective as modern dental crowns are, they can be made even more like your natural tooth when combined with a dental implant. An implant post can be inserted into your jawbone in place of the lost tooth root, and after your jawbone heals, your dentist can secure your lifelike dental crown to the post. Together, a dental implant and crown create a restoration that mimics the root and crown structure of your lost tooth.

Ask Your Dentist if a Dental Crowns Is Right for You

If you need a dental crown, then we can ensure that your restoration closely mimics the healthy, natural structure of your tooth. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Just Wright Dental Surgery Center in Waxahachie, TX, today at (469) 732-1987. We also proudly serve patients from Navarro County, TX, and the surrounding communities, including Corsicana, Mildred, Eureka, Ennis, Fairfield, Teague, Blooming Grove, Dawson, Hubbard, Hillsboro, Mexia, Groesbeck, Kerens, Malakoff, Rice, Centerville, Buffalo, and Athens.