Different Kinds of Lifelike Dentures


Adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime. That’s why they’re called permanent teeth, and it’s also why we only grow one set. Unfortunately, tooth loss is a clear and present danger to many patients’ oral health, and affects more than half of adults by the age of 45. Edentulism, or total tooth loss, can significantly affect a patient’s quality of life by inhibiting the ability to bite, chew, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Luckily, modern dentures are designed to accommodate nearly any case of severe tooth loss, allowing patients to once again enjoy the beauty and function of a full and healthy smile. Today, we explain the different kinds of modern dentures, and how their unique designs are custom-created to accommodate each patient’s needs. 

Partial and Complete Dentures

Depending on the severity of your tooth loss, you may require a partial or complete denture. A complete denture consists of an entire row of replacement teeth arranged on a gum-colored plastic base that fits comfortably on the patient’s dental ridge.  A partial denture, as the name suggests, also fits along the dental ridge, but only contains replacement teeth where needed and are designed to fit around existing teeth.

Fixed and Removable Dentures

Typically, complete and partial dentures are removable (unlike a dental bridge, which is permanently affixed to abutment teeth that border the empty gap of missing teeth). Complete dentures are secured to the gums using advanced dental adhesives, while partial dentures rely on a plastic base and metal framework to remain in place. In many cases, your dentist may recommend securing a partial or complete denture to one or more dental implants, which are surgically inserted into the jawbone to offer more effective support for the patient’s replacement teeth. Implant-supported dentures can be removable or fixed, depending on the patient’s preference.

Find Out Which Denture Is Right for You

With a variety of dentures and other implant-supported prosthetics, we can help you regain the confidence of a healthy and full smile! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Just Wright Dental Surgery Center in Waxahachie, TX, today at (469) 732-1987. We also proudly serve patients from Navarro County, TX, and the surrounding communities, including Corsicana, Mildred, Eureka, Ennis, Fairfield, Teague, Blooming Grove, Dawson, Hubbard, Hillsboro, Mexia, Groesbeck, Kerens, Malakoff, Rice, Centerville, Buffalo, and Athens.