The Art of Replacing Lost Teeth


Many of modern dentistry’s advances have focused on helping patients prevent common dental issues from forming, or restoring teeth and oral tissues after an issue has developed. However, advanced technology and dental materials have also greatly benefited the art of replacing lost teeth, allowing patients to regain a level of confidence and bite function that was previously impossible. For instance, with modern dental implants, you can not only reestablish your smile’s appearance, but also restore the vital functions of your lost teeth and their roots for significantly improved long-term results.

Reestablishing Your Smile’s Appearance

For many patients, the most immediately troubling aspect of tooth loss is its impact on their smile’s appearance. Therefore, one of the most widely appreciated benefits of lifelike tooth replacement is the ability to restore your smile’s appearance and your overall level of confidence. To accomplish that, modern restorations like bridges and dentures are often crafted from materials that closely resemble your unique, natural, and healthy tooth structure. Each restoration is also custom-designed and fitted for optimal comfort and esthetic results.

Restoring Your Bite Function

In addition to rebuilding your smile’s appearance, replacement teeth also restore your bite’s ability to function properly so you can once again eat the foods you enjoy most. In many cases, such restoration is even more effectively accomplished with an appropriate number of dental implants. To support your replacement tooth/teeth, your dentist can suggest placing one or more implant posts in your jawbone, which will fuse to the implants as it heals. Then, your implant posts can be used to support your replacement teeth in the same way that healthy roots support your teeth.

Learn More About Replacing Your Lost Teeth

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