How Implants Resemble Natural Teeth


Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you didn’t have any teeth? Without proper dental care, eventually you will no longer have to wonder. Tooth loss results from a number of oral health issues, including tooth decay and gum disease (which is the number one cause of adult tooth loss today). When you lose a tooth, the best way to rebuild and preserve your smile is to replace it with a highly lifelike replacement to restore the tooth’s vital functions. By taking a close look at how your natural teeth are made, it becomes clearer why dental implants offer the most lifelike and comprehensive tooth replacements.

The Structures of a Natural Tooth

A tooth is deceptively simple. It is only made of two main parts—the crown and the root. The crown extends above the gums and is the only part of the tooth you should see, while the root extends below the gums and anchors into the jawbone. Your teeth’s crowns are their only visible parts, but their roots support them and keep your jawbone strong by providing stimulation when you bite and chew. Most modern tooth replacements center on replacing the crowns of lost teeth to restore your ability to bite, chew, speak clearly, and smile proudly. However, only dental implants can effectively replace your teeth’s roots, restoring their vital functions to preserve the long-term integrity of your smile.

Learn More About Lifelike Tooth Replacement

The best way to replace a lost tooth is to do so with the closest thing to its natural structure, including its lost root. The only way to achieve that is with dental implants. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Wright by calling Just Wright Dental Surgery Center in Waxahachie, TX, today at (469) 732-1987.