Can Dental Implants Replace Wisdom Teeth?


Because wisdom teeth are the most extracted of all types of teeth, you may wonder if replacing them is a good option, and if dental implants can help. The bad news about wisdom teeth is that they often get impacted within the jawbone, unable to erupt properly and becoming an increasingly worse threat to your oral health. While dental implants are among the most comprehensive answers to tooth loss and extraction, wisdom teeth aren’t like the rest of your teeth. Extracting them is often necessary for the good of your smile, and therefore, wisdom teeth don’t have to be replaced.

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted

When a tooth other than a wisdom tooth needs to be extracted, your dentist will take into account how the loss will affect your smile and oral health for the rest of your life. Consequently, part of the planning process is to determine your best option for tooth replacement, such as a dental implant. However, wisdom teeth are extracted because, due to limited space on your dental ridges, they’re often a liability that leads to tooth damage, misalignment, severe discomfort, and more. Once they’re extracted, your remaining teeth can rest easily and comfortably.

When Dental Implants Are Appropriate

Besides extracted wisdom teeth, the loss or extraction of any of your other teeth can have drastic consequences for the health, integrity, and balance of your smile. Therefore, replacing other extracted teeth is vital to your long-term oral health. In most cases, dental implants offer the most comprehensive benefits by replacing your lost teeth roots, thereby helping you better preserve your jawbone and oral structures.

Learn About Dental Implants, Wisdom Teeth, and More

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