Test Your Wisdom!

Everybody is familiar with wisdom teeth, or at least probably should be. They are the last four teeth that erupt at the very ends of our dental ridges at the back of our mouths. However, unless you have trouble with your wisdom teeth, maybe you are unaware of what and where they are. That could be a possibility. Today we are going to test your wisdom about wisdom teeth. Take our fun quiz below!

True Or False Quiz

True or False: Everybody gets wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 25.

True or False: Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems.

True or False: Wisdom teeth can be removed without needing to be replaced.


False: Although it seems that everybody should get wisdom teeth between those ages, the fact is that some people don’t get wisdom teeth at all. For other people their four wisdom teeth may erupt without a problem.

True: Because our jaws have reduced in size due to evolution, the lack of space makes it difficult for wisdom teeth to erupt without a problem. In fact, wisdom teeth cause problems for so many people that dentists often suggest removing them before they erupt. Wisdom teeth can erupt crooked, which puts pressure on nearby teeth. They can only partially erupt, which can lead to discomfort and infection. Or they may become impacted, meaning they cannot erupt at all, which can be painful.

True: When wisdom teeth begin to cause problems, they will need to be extracted for the safety of your oral and overall health. Due to evolution and the modern diet we don’t really need our wisdom teeth. Therefore, they are the only teeth that can be extracted and not replaced.

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