How Dental Implants Were Discovered

The idea of an implanted tooth goes way, way back to the ancient days. History has shown that around 600 A.D., the Mayan’s used pieces of seashells as implants for teeth in the lower jaw. Radiographs have even shown compact bone formation around the Mayan implants; and in the early Honduran culture, a stone implant was placed around 800 A.D. So, the idea of implants to replace natural teeth has been around for a very long time. However, it wasn’t until 1952 that titanium implants were accidentally stumbled upon.

Biocompatible Titanium

In 1952, Dr. P. Brånemark was performing a research study during which he placed a titanium rod in a rabbit femur bone. A few months later when he decided to remove the rod, it was fixed in place. It had osseointegrated (fused) with the bone and could not be removed. This incident provided the ideal answer to dental implants. Titanium is accepted by the body and becomes one with the bone.


Dental implants are the most realistic prosthesis available today to replace natural teeth. The titanium post acts as the root of your tooth then is topped with a replacement tooth the same shape, size, and color as your original tooth. Dental implants are very hard to distinguish from natural teeth.

Implants require a surgical procedure and also require that your jawbone be healthy and dense enough to hold a dental implant. If you are missing a tooth and considering a dental implant, your dentist will do a complete evaluation and together you can decide if implant treatment is right for you.

Find Out If Implant Treatment Is For You

Dental implants are the most stable, long-lasting, and realistic option for tooth replacement available today. If you’re considering an implant, schedule your consultation with Dr. Wright at Just Wright Dental Surgery Center in Waxahachie, TX, today at (903) 225-2221, for a complete evaluation.