Why Wisdom Teeth Can Be A Pain

Did you know that wisdom teeth can affect implant placement? Wisdom teeth can present a number of different problems. That’s because over time the human jaw has become smaller. Due to our modern diet, we no longer need our wisdom teeth. Their purpose was to help us (way back in the caveman days) tear into big slabs of raw meat, and to chew roots, nuts, and other roughage. Today, because there is little room for them on our dental ridges, they can have a difficult time erupting and become impacted (unable to erupt).

When Wisdom Teeth Become Impacted

When wisdom teeth become impacted they can force themselves against neighboring molars, which can push your teeth out of alignment. If you are getting ready to undergo implant placement, it is extremely important that your teeth are in proper alignment so that the implant post has the proper space to be placed. Therefore, if you have impacted wisdom teeth, Dr. Wright may need to extract them before you can undergo dental implant placement.

Other Tooth Extractions

If any one of your teeth, whether it is an incisor, canine, or molar, has been extremely damaged or decayed, or has developed an infection that cannot be controlled, you may need an extraction to maintain the health of nearby teeth and your overall oral health. In such cases, Dr. Wright can replace your lost tooth with a stable, durable, and long-lasting dental implant.

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