Don’t Let Fear Keep You Away

No one should let fear keep them away from the dentist. Healthy teeth are extremely important to your overall health. Without teeth, you can’t chew and eat healthy foods, which means lack of sustenance. Without teeth, it’s difficult to speak clearly and embarrassing to smile. Therefore, missing teeth decreases your self-confidence. Just a few missing teeth for some people can cause social anxiety. If you’re fearful of the dentist let Dr. Wright know, because dental sedation can make your visit easier. Don’t let fear keep you away.

Dental Sedation

At Just Wright Dental, it’s important to us that your visit and treatment are as relaxing and comfortable as possible. For patients who are especially fearful of dental treatment, we offer the choice of nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation during general and restorative treatment procedures. However, for dental implant placement which requires oral surgery, IV sedation is the better option.

What is IV Sedation?

Because IV sedation is the strongest form of dental sedation, a trained anesthesiologist will monitor you at all times. IV sedation is delivered intravenously directly into the bloodstream and the effects are immediate. Patients often report feeling as if they slept through the entire procedure and feel groggy and sleepy when the IV is withdrawn.  If you are scheduled for a procedure with IV sedation, you should arrange for a designated driver to drive you home.

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At Just Wright Dental Surgery Center, our priority is ensuring that every visit is a comfortable and friendly experience, and that all of our patients understand every stage of their diagnosis, planning, and treatment. With extensive experience in placing, restoring, and maintaining dental implants, Dr. Wright and our team can walk you through every stage of the dental implant process. We also specialize in helping patients with medical considerations that can affect their oral and overall health, such as cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and recovery from drug addiction. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Justin Wright and our team by calling our dental implant office in Waxahachie, TX, today at (903) 225-2221.