The Three Implant Components

implantMost people have heard about dental implants but unless you’ve had one you may not know much about them. An implant is the most realistic way to replace a missing tooth. Unlike a bridge or denture which set on the gum, an implant requires a surgical procedure to “implant” a post, or prosthetic tooth root, into your jawbone. An implant consists of three components.

The Three Components

Prosthetic tooth root: The prosthetic tooth root is the first component of an implant. It is a small titanium post that is surgically placed into the jawbone to take the place of the missing root. Human bone fuses to titanium creating a strong and stable bond. The implant post is set into the jaw, but the top remains even with your gum.

The abutment: Next, is the abutment, which may be made of titanium, gold, or porcelain. The abutment is screwed to the implant post.  While the implant post is under the gum, the abutment rises above the gumline and holds the dental crown.

The restoration: Finally comes the restoration which is usually a dental crown (for a single implant), but can also be a partial or complete denture, or a dental bridge.  The crown is made of porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM).  If the implant is a molar and the patient grinds and clenches, the restoration may be an all-metal crown. The crown, or other restoration, is bonded (cemented) onto the abutment, and your implant is complete.

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