2 Reasons To Choose Implants



If you’ve lost a tooth, or a couple of teeth, and they are in the back of your mouth where they are not noticeable, you may wonder why you would need to replace them. No one sees that they are missing unless you yawn really wide, in which case you can simply cover your mouth, right? Being embarrassed by missing teeth is only one reason to choose implants, but there are more important reasons, as well.

When You Lose A Tooth

When you lose even a single tooth it can affect the rest of your mouth. Your teeth rely on each other to stand straight and stay in line. Therefore, if you lose a tooth, your teeth will begin to shift because that tooth is no longer holding your other teeth in place. This can lead to a number of other dental complications. Unevenly spaced or crowded teeth are more difficult to keep clean and can lead to decay, and crooked teeth may lead to the need for orthodontic care. Placing a dental implant will keep your teeth straight.  When they are straight, there is no need for orthodontic treatment. Placing an implant will also keep your teeth properly spaced so they are easier to clean.

Jawbone Atrophy

The root of your tooth serves an important purpose. It stimulates the flow of much needed nutrients to your jawbone. These nutrients are what keep your jaw healthy and strong and able to retain your teeth. When you lose a tooth, you lose the root. Hence, you lose the flow of nutrients to that area of your jaw. Therefore, that area will eventually die, or atrophy. This can cause nearby teeth to become loose and also fall out. Only an implant replaces your root, maintaining the healthy flow of nutrients to your jaw and, therefore, sustaining its strength and integrity.

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