Dental Implants Offer Life-Changing Results in Just One Day

In just one day, this gentleman enjoyed a dramatic and life changing smile transformation thanks to dental implants and skills of the Just Wright Dental team.

It’s a fact we all know: There’s no way to turn back the hands of time. But the older we get the more most of us wouldn’t mind a magic trick for looking younger. At Just Wright Dental, we don’t have any tricks, but we see patients walk out of our office looking years younger every single week thanks to life changing dental implant procedures.


Many patients who have struggled for years with broken, damaged or decayed teeth often think the only solution to their problem are traditional dentures. Some of these patients have even gone that route and have dealt with sore spots in their mouths, goopy denture cream, the frustration of not being able to eat their favorite foods and constant aggravation of dentures that just don’t fit.

We want everyone to know that doesn’t have to be the case! Dental implants are the closest solution available to an individual’s natural teeth and they are becoming an affordable investment for more and more of our patients.

While every patient’s case is unique, the process typically starts with a consultation at our office where our highly-trained team will take a three-dimensional scan of the individual’s teeth and jaw to determine if the person is a good candidate for implants. That state-of-the-art scan also helps us determine how many implants will be needed and where they will be placed.


Once that has been determined and the patient fully understands the procedure and costs involved an appointment is scheduled. And that becomes a life changing day for so many patients because often they walk in with a smile they’ve been hiding for years and, by the end of the day, walk out with a brand-new smile that takes years off their appearance.

The procedure, which patients are comfortably and blissfully unaware of thanks to IV sedation, typically takes several hours. Decayed and damaged teeth are removed, implants are placed, and the patient’s temporary fixed new teeth are attached. When the patient wakes up, they are amazed at their transformation. They tend to be even more amazed when they come back to our office a few days later for a quick post-operative visit and tell us not only do they not remember the procedure, but they experienced little if any pain afterward!

Patients will wear their temporary fixed implant dentures for a few to several months while the dental implants integrate and while their permanent teeth are being custom made. Once that process is complete, they come back in and the permeant is attached, and they can enjoy the look, feel and function of the closest thing to their natural teeth.

If you or someone you know doesn’t want to waste another day dealing with floppy dentures or a smile they’re not proud to show off, give our office a call. We know you’ll be glad you did.

When it comes to whiter teeth in a flash, ZOOM is the way to go

Those morning cups of coffee may be great for jumpstarting your mornings, but they don’t do much for your teeth. Coffee, soda, tea and red wine are some of the worst culprits when it comes to darkening your smile. And while genetics and a person’s lifestyle habits also play a role in the brightness of an individual’s smile, advances in dental technology have opened the door for options when it comes to whitening teeth.

The outer, visible layer of the tooth is called the enamel. Although tooth enamel is considered the hardest substance in the human body – even harder than bones – it can dissolve, decay or become weakened when exposed to acids and bacteria, which are common in the mouth. Daily habits of eating and drinking affect enamel, which is why good oral hygiene is key to keeping your smile bright and white.

But even the best home care can’t always keep teeth looking their best. Just like it’s impossible to keep a brand-new pair of white sneakers perfectly clean if you wear them, the same is true for your teeth. At Just Wright Dental, we offer two great options for patients interested in whitening their teeth. 

The first option involves customized bleaching trays. Typically, done during a routine dental cleaning appointment, this whitening option is best suited for individuals who prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes. A mold of the patient’s teeth is made, from which a heavy plastic bleaching tray is created. In addition to the trays, patients are also given several syringes of bleaching gel. After brushing their teeth, patients place small drops of the gel inside the bleaching trays and place the trays in their mouth. Most patients wear the trays for about 30 minutes each day for 7 to 10 days to reach their fullest whitening potential.  One of the benefits to selecting the customized tray option is the ability to purchase additional whitening gel any time throughout the year for touch-up whitening as desired.

For patients looking for a whitening at lightning-fast speed, we are proud to offer ZOOM Whitespeed. This in-office treatment involves three 15 minute sessions, which can be done on different dates, but is typically performed in one sitting. This treatment uses a special LED light to help patients safely reach a brighter, whiter smile in no time. A team member applies a special gel to the teeth before positioning the light in front of the patient’s mouth. While individual results can vary, ZOOM Whitespeed is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 45 minutes.

If you’re ready for brighter, whiter smile this summer, look no further than Just Wright Dental and call us today!

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit

Show off a new smile in one day

For some it’s the eyes, others say it’s hair, but according to a USA Today poll, 47 percent of people surveyed said the first thing they notice about a person they meet for the first time is their smile.

A smile is the result of feeling happy and sharing that with the world. But far too often, genuinely happy people hide their smiles because they are embarrassed of them.  There are countless reasons why a person may not be happy with their smile. For some patients, genetics handed them teeth that are prone to disease, others may have broken or missing teeth due to an accident and in some cases, patients may have neglected their dental care in their early years, sometimes due to no fault of their own, and now are suffering the consequences.

Regardless of the reason, at Just Wright Dental, we take pride in being able to not only provide our patients with the skill and technology necessary to transform their smile, but also give them options to make it affordable to do so.  And the results for our patients, are truly life changing.

Just recently, a 55-year-old lady stopped in our office for a consultation. She had gone to another dentist for an evaluation and that doctor told her she needed a traditional upper denture and a removable partial on the bottom. She was concerned because she knew that a traditional denture would not be very stable in her mouth. She wanted to be able to eat and speak without the worry of teeth coming out of her mouth and she wanted a smile she could be proud of.

Within two weeks of her initial visit with us, this patient was scheduled in our office for implant supported dentures on her upper and lower teeth under IV sedation. The patient came into the office with the smile she’d been hiding for years, and a few short hours later, she left with a brand-new smile. When she returned to the office for her post-op visit two weeks later, the staff almost didn’t recognize her. Not just because of her beautiful new smile, but because her entire demeanor had changed.

She gushed over how much she “LOVED” her new teeth, but shared with us a statement that we hear time and time again and is the reason we are so passionate about what we do. She said that the effervescent person we were seeing now was really the person she’s always been, she’d just hidden it along with the smile she was embarrassed of.  “Because of you, I found myself again and for that I will always be grateful,” she told us. “If I had known about you I would have done this a long time ago!”

If you or someone you love is hiding behind a smile they’re not proud of, we encourage you to call our office today and let us help you take back the self-esteem and pride that is keeping you from enjoying life to its fullest.

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit

Lending a helping hand during Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas at the end of August, there was no doubt the impact would affect the area and its residents for years to come. What I didn’t expect, was how much the experience also would affect me. 

My family and I had retreated for a four-day weekend with my god parents at their log cabin 10,000 feet above sea level in Colorado. Although we’d determined to get away from all electronics while we were there, we couldn’t help peeking in the evenings to see how our friends down south were doing as the hurricane and the water arrived. I told myself there were plenty of folks to go help and that everybody probably would be just fine. In my mind, I judged those who were stuck for fools (some of whom were even close family and friends), because during the four years that my wife Jenni and I lived in Houston, we drove north long before a hurricane got near.   

By Sunday afternoon, two of my friends were calling for help (mainly to help others who lived around them).  My next words to my wife were, "Jenz, I think when we land at DFW, it will probably be best if I drop you and the kids, load the boat, and head south,” as things were deteriorating faster than we first thought.

About that time, my bowfishing buddy and local contractor Bob Peters called to ask if I was going. He said he had a new project and the first day on that job was scheduled for the next day. I replied, "Bob, I just canceled two days of patients. It wasn't cheap nor easy.”  He called me back minutes later and said he and another friend were going to join the rescue effort with their boat. While he went and had magnetic “Rescue Boat” signs made for our trucks, another pair of good friends, Matt Spivey and Kyle Carrigan, headed to my house to ready my boat.

After returning from Colorado to a dry home and safe family, there was no question about my going to help, only how fast I could get there. I hooked up my boat, Leakin’ Billy III (which is actually more sea-worthy than the name suggests), loaded up my truck and headed south with another buddy named Josh Wallen, who I was blessed to have join me on my boat.  

When we arrived in Kingswood, we found a What-a-Burger and H-E-B underwater, along with thousands of completely submerged vehicles, and crazy currents that ripped in between houses and businesses. I expected a certain measure of chaos. I expected fear and desperation. We found some of all of that when we got to Kingswood and the surrounding areas. What I didn’t expect was the humor, hope and heartwarming acts of humanity that ended up making the experience as much if not more of a blessing to me than it was for anyone I helped.  

Our group from Corsicana spent 36 hours in Kingswood and Spring. During that time, we spent about seven hours a day just wet. We’d go into the water and back in the boat, rescuing people from flooded homes, apartments and nursing homes, taking them and their few trash sacks of belongings to higher ground sometimes miles away all while unrelenting rain came down and the water around us came up.

Along the way, we battled insanely strong currents and saw more than one boat capsize. We learned that the local, state and federal authorities on the ground didn’t have any more information than anyone else. Everyone wanted to help, but no one knew where to go. We started following the red helicopter we saw as it tended to hover over areas where the flight crew saw people in need of rescue from the air. The news helicopters flying around were horrible, spraying water in our faces to where we could not see to rescue. Initially, we had to bypass people who had access to a second floor in order to quickly get to those who didn’t. Once we got to people, we struggled to keep our boat balanced and keep passengers still as we worked to carefully make our way back to drop-off points carrying more weight than we ever had before. And then we went back and did it all again, and again. 

There was devastation. There was frustration and there was anxiety. But what I saw was gratefulness, kindness and Texas-sized resilience.  When we came across a three-story assisted living facility that no one had been to yet, our group stopped to help. Some of the residents were quietly gathered on the second-floor landing at the top of a flight of flooded stairs waiting patiently when we arrived. After making several trips to bring people down to my boat, I headed up again and picked up a 95-year-old lady who must have weighed less than 95 pounds. As I gathered her up, she draped an arm around my neck, gave me her best smile and said, “Does this mean we are going to dance?” To which I replied, “Well, of course. What’s your preference?” Without missing a beat she said, “I jitterbug!” 

The last four steps were completely underwater and I remember shuffling my feet as I waded through the main room and out the big front doors so as to not trip and dunk my new dance partner. Still waist-deep in water, we headed down the covered entrance to my boat. She looked at the sheets of rain coming down, likely thinking of her friends still upstairs in need of help, and she leaned back to look at me and smiled. “You think I might could get a RAINCHECK on that dance,” she asked. Ninety-five and she had lost everything except her humor and wit, and she shared every bit of that with me that day. 

There were lots of grateful smiles, heart-felt appreciation and shared laughs from those we helped. And there were lines of volunteers from all across the country wading in beside us. Loads of food, supplies, water, blankets, clothes, animal feed and more poured in almost as fast as the rain. It was amazing to see how quickly and readily strangers became neighbors just lending a hand wherever they could. 

The rain finally stopped, and in Kingswood and the surrounding areas, the water began to recede. Rescuers headed east to Vidor and into Louisiana. We loaded up and headed home with a new appreciation for our families and warm, dry homes. Behind my truck was good, old Leakin’ Billy III, looking quite a bit worse for wear. In the process of rescuing folks, my poor fan boat’s propeller chopped up anything that happened to be under the water – cars, street signs, and who knows what else. 

A mangled propeller is expensive to replace and made the boat useless, but I felt guilty even thinking about that when I knew it happened while I was using it to help people who had lost everything they owned. Over the years, I have constantly reminded myself that God blesses us when we’re faithful. But sometimes, I still ask myself, “Well, who is going to fix it though?”  That thought was still in the back of my mind when I finally asked about the Amazon box from UPS that had been sitting in my entryway for more than a week. I figured it was for my wife. She thought it was mine. Finally, she told me to open it.

What I found inside was not just a brand-new propeller sent anonymously by kind friends Michael and Kristina Kraatz, it was one more example of God’s faithfulness and how he uses people to bless and meet the needs of others in truly amazing ways. 

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit

Sonic toothbrushes are the best tools for the job

When it comes to keeping teeth healthy, everyone knows brushing at least twice a day is the best advice around. And while most folks don’t give much thought to the tool that gets that job done, it’s come a long way over the years.

From as early as 3000 B.C., ancient civilizations used various types of “chew sticks.”  These thin twigs were frayed at the end so they could be rubbed against the teeth to help keep them clean. The earliest known “modern” toothbrush dates back to about 1498 when it was invented in China. Bristles on this brush were made of stiff hog hairs that were fastened to handles made of bone or bamboo. It wasn’t until 1938 that Dupont de Nemours introduced nylon bristles, which are used in toothbrushes today.

Now days, brushes come in a seemly endless variety of brush head shapes, colors and designs. But when it comes to getting teeth the cleanest, the best option is to toss those old fashioned manual brushes in favor of an electric toothbrush. 

At Just Wright Dental, we offer patients the option to purchase a Sonicare toothbrush at cost, in order to encourage excellent home oral care. We like the Sonicare because it’s comfortable and easy to use plus it removes up to seven times more plaque than a traditional toothbrush. That’s because the Sonicare makes 31,000 brush strokes per minute compared to the average 300 strokes per minute when using a manual toothbrush.

One of the biggest problems we see with traditional brushes, is often people brushing too hard. This can cause gum irritation and abrasion. With an electric toothbrush, there’s no need to apply any pressure as the brush moves automatically, patients only need to hold it to the surface of the teeth.

Another problem an electric toothbrush solves is ensuring patients are brushing for the appropriate amount of time. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, the average amount of time a person spends brushing with a manual tooth brush is only 45 to 70 seconds. At least two minutes of brushing is needed to properly remove debris and bacteria. The Sonicare toothbrush has built-in, two-minute brushing timer as well as alerting beeps to ensure all four quadrants of the mouth are brushed for the proper amount of time.

There are several different models of Sonicare’s available, one especially for children. If you’re ready to toss out the old and move on with better brushing habits, stop by our office and check out what’s available. You’re smile will thank you for it!     

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit

Straighter teeth may be a simple solution

When most people think about what it takes to get beautiful, straight teeth, many picture the awkward teen years complete with shiny braces and head gear. While traditional metal braces aren’t going anywhere, the reality is there are other affordable and less noticeable options available for patients of all ages.

At Just Wright Dental, we see many adult patients who have crooked teeth that have bothered them for years. The first thing most of them tell us is that as much as they’d love to straighten their teeth, they would never consider braces to correct them. Many are surprised to learn we offer a system that will correct their teeth with the use of clear, hardly-noticeable, plastic molds.

This system, called Simpli5, uses up to five sequential clear trays for the upper, lower or both arches of the mouth to correctly align teeth. Simpli5 is best for patients with medium to mild cases of tooth crowding or spacing, or those patients who had been in braces in their younger years and have had a mild orthodontic relapse due to not wearing their retainer. 

To begin the process, our staff takes a mold of the patient’s teeth needing alignment. That is sent off the Simpli5 lab where technicians ensure the severity of the patient’s correction can be performed using the trays. Once this is determined, the lab creates up to five different trays that are customized for each patient’s specific dental needs. While the amount of time each patient will need to wear each set of trays to reach the results they’re after differs, most patients will wear each set of trays for a few weeks at a time.

Once the teeth have been corrected to match the first set of trays, the patient will begin wearing the second set and continue in the manner until the patient’s teeth have been fully corrected. In addition to being minimally noticeable, the trays, which are meant to be worn day and night, can be easily removed for brushing and flossing, unlike traditional braces. These factors, plus the fact that the Simpli5 trays are often less costly than other orthodontic option, make them a great option for many of our patients.

 If you’ve been bothered by a not-quite-perfect smile and you’ve thought the time for correcting it has passed you by, give our office a call and let us see if Simpli5 is right for you!

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit

Tips for helping senior patients care for their teeth

There comes a time when the loved ones who taught us how to tie our shoes, comb our hair and cross the street may need our help with some of those same tasks.  And while dealing with this new normal can be a learning experience for everyone involved, there are a few simple suggestions and products available that can help make keeping their mouths healthy one less thing to worry about.

Some older patients may have worn dentures for decades and have no natural teeth, while others may have almost all or all of their own teeth. Regardless of their individual situation, the first step in ensuring good oral health is to schedule an appointment with a dental professional. At Just Wright Dental, we would perform a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s mouth and teeth.

If the patient no longer has natural teeth and wears dentures, we would evaluate the patient’s mouth and gums. We would also evaluate the patient’s current dentures to ensure a proper fit and that they were not causing sore spots or areas of irritation. This comprehensive evaluation provides the caregiver with a detailed look at any problems or potential problems, and also offers a clearer picture of the patient’s overall oral health. More times than not, a professional cleaning by one of our gentle and thorough hygienists is also recommended at the same time.

Once problems have been identified and a plan established to take care of any issues, helping to create or maintain good oral health habits at home is the next priority. Our hygienists can show patients and their caregivers the best ways to address specific problems, but in general there are a few ways to make home care a bit easier.

The first is to identify the most comfortable and easiest place to brush each day. For most of us that’s the bathroom, but with older patients, it may be the kitchen or dining room. Often, it’s easier for these patients to sit at a table next to a bowl of water, rather than stand at a sink. For patients who are unable to brush and floss without help, it’s important that their caregiver find a position that is comfortable for both parties either behind or sitting in front of the patient so that all of their teeth can be seen and reached.

For older patients who are able to brush and floss by themselves, it is often helpful to look for larger handled toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes, such as a Sonicare, are excellent because of their over-sized handle and ease of use. If traditional floss is difficult to use, floss holders or flossing picks may be a more manageable solution.

Denture-wearing patients can gently brush their gums and tongue to freshen breath and remove bacteria. They should also make sure they rise their dentures and keep them free from food and debris daily, and following the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and soaking.

If you or someone you know is responsible for an older loved one’s care, call us today and let us help with keeping his or her oral health at its best.

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit

Clearing up the confusion about dental insurance

Somethings in life are pretty easy to understand. Two plus two is four.  Don’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Agree to all suggested bathroom breaks on a road trip. You get the idea. But when it comes to dental insurance, easy might not be the adjective most people use to describe it.

From figuring out co-pays and deductibles to calculating waiting periods and coverage percentages, learning to understand a dental plan can feel like a second job. At Just Wright Dental, our staff goes the extra mile for patients by not only verifying their plans and filing their claims, but also helping patients understand the process.

While every plan – even those covered by the same company – are different, one of the most common questions we hear has to do with in-network or out-of-network providers. There are some dental plans that will only pay out if patients go to a list of providers selected not by the patient, but by the insurance company itself. Most of these plans are HMO or DMO plans. If purchasing such a plan through your employer, the HMO or DMO plan may look to have the least expensive monthly deductible payments, but many patients find they must drive a long distance to get to a provider “on the list.” And many times if they do, the wait time for an appointment can be extremely lengthy.

PPO plans allow patients to go to any dentist they choose. However, with some plans there may be stipulations about in-network and out-of-network providers.  If a doctor chooses to be an in-network provider, he or she basically contracts with the insurance company in question for payment at a set rate. The insurance company provides the dentist with the dollar amounts the company will pay for each procedure, regardless of the provider’s fee for those services. Sometimes, particularly when it comes to cleanings and preventative care, this may mean patients don’t have to pay anything out of pocket in the office. Other times, the patient may be required to pay the difference between the actual cost of the service charged by the dentist and what the insurance company pays. This is why it’s not uncommon for patients who, say for example, were covered by Insurance Company A through their work for years and never had to pay out of pocket for their annual cleanings to suddenly be given a $10 or $20 bill at each visit after their employer changed to Insurance Company B. The set rate Insurance Company A paid for cleanings was more than what Insurance Company B pays.

Some insurance plans pay a lower percentage of those fees to out-of-network providers. And while many people automatically think that means they’ll save more by going to an in-network provider, that doesn’t always prove to be true. If an in-network provider charges higher fees than an out-of-network provider, the patient may not be saving at all.

At Just Wright Dental, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality of service at an affordable price. We work with all PPO insurance plans and offer reasonable third-party financing options and payment plans. Additionally, we created the Wright Savings Plan for patients without insurance or for those who are underinsured or who just aren’t happy with their dental insurance options. This yearly plan gives patients access to all the x-rays, annual cleanings and exams they need for the year for one low price. Plus, it guarantees a discount on any dental work or additional treatment they need for the year.

If insurance issues have kept you from getting the dental care you need, don’t wait any longer. Call our office today and let us help!

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit